Hotel evacuated – dead in the basement: no technical defect in heating


Investigators are still looking for the cause of the fatal incident in a hotel in Lech am Arlberg. As reported, two people were found dead in the basement of the building on Friday evening. If one initially assumed a possible defect in the heating system, this assumption now had to be rejected.

The emergency services were informed around 7 p.m. of two unconscious persons in the country house of a hotel in Lech. The fire brigade arrived with a large contingent. The people who, according to the Feldkirch district fire inspector, Christoph Feuerstein “belonging to the house” apparently wanted to check the heating system. They were rescued by firefighters using heavy breathing apparatus. CPR began immediately, “unfortunately our help came too late,” says Feuerstein.

The heating system is in another room
The two men died at the ages of 23 and 52 from carbon monoxide poisoning. But a technical defect in the heating system should have nothing to do with the incident, the ORF Vorarlberg reported on Saturday. The room where the men were found dead contained only the pellet storage and not the factory itself. The deadly gases could have been created when the pellets were moved, it was said.

However, the investigations have not yet been completed, the carbon monoxide pollution in the affected room was still too high in the morning for an investigation.

The accident happened in a country house that is part of a hotel but is architecturally separate, which contains both guest and staff rooms. There are currently 34 people registered there. “When we arrived, they had already left the building,” Feuerstein said. They were unharmed.

Large contingent of forces
Six people have been taken to hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Among them were three first responders and three firefighters. The deadly incident led to a massive deployment of emergency services: in addition to 200 firefighters, 47 rescuers, five emergency doctors, four police patrols and the crisis intervention team were on the scene.

Source: Krone


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