Heartless owner – caged parrot ‘thrown away’ at dumpster


A frightened rose head was just parked next to a container in Krems. On the same day, a hamster was also released in a box.

“It’s so sad how brutal some people are,” says animal shelter Krems, after two abandoned animals were handed over. The rose head was found in Krems next to a garbage container – in forbidden “solitary confinement” and in a mini round cage that has also been illegal for a long time. The parrot does not put any weight on one leg and, probably due to the poor posture, exhibits strongly stereotyped behavior. “Unfortunately, birds apparently still have to vegetate in cages that are far too narrow and already banned, and individually at that.”

A hamster left in a box on the same day also became “annoying” to its owner. “In any case, people could have reported to animal protection instead of throwing the animals away as waste,” says animal protection angrily. Information about the owners is gladly accepted there: 0664/4020202.

Source: Krone


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