Insiders sure:- Australia ordered US nuclear submarines


Insiders sure:- Australia ordered US nuclear submarines

Australia is apparently arming itself with nuclear-powered submarines from the US. From 2030, three Virginia-class submarines will be based in Western Australia. Two other US government officials familiar with the matter said they also have the option to purchase them.

The supply of the boats with British design and American technology is part of the Aukus security pact between the governments in Washington, Canberra and London.

No comment for now
US President Joe Biden will receive the heads of state and government of Australia and Britain in San Diego next week and discuss the delivery of nuclear-powered submarines and other high-tech weapons to Australia, one of the representatives said. The Pentagon referred a request for comment to the US president’s office, which declined to confirm details of an upcoming announcement.

Last year, Australia withdrew an order from French shipbuilding group Naval to build submarines and instead agreed to supply the relevant technologies from the US and Britain. The cancellation of the 2016 order worth €40 billion sparked serious disagreements between Australia and France.

Source: Krone


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