15 percent threatened – Sweden is facing a wave of poverty


For decades, Sweden has been seen as a role model when it comes to the welfare state, but times have changed with the war in Ukraine. Fifteen percent of the population is now at risk of poverty. Aid organizations are sounding the alarm.

Photos previously unknown from Sweden: Long queues are forming in front of social services. The country was once a role model when it came to the welfare state, but nowadays more and more people are struggling to make ends meet. According to the Swedish statistics office, 15 percent of the population is acutely affected by poverty.

‘Not just people living on the margins of society’
“We live in a very rich country, but society has become poorer and people need help,” says Kavian Ferdowsi of Homeless.life. Martin Arnlov of the Swedish Red Cross: “It used to affect people living on the margins of society, but now that has changed. Also children with families, the elderly, people on sick leave – they all struggle to make ends meet.”

Sweden is suffering from the consequences of the war in Ukraine
The economy is suffering, inflation is around twelve percent. Energy and food prices have risen sharply, the Swedish krona is weaker than ever against the euro.

The retired Marianne Ö. is grateful for the offer of help from the Swedish Red Cross. “Take for example eggs, milk and butter, whipped cream and yogurt, all those foods that we want to buy every day. Prices may not have doubled, but they have increased by at least 50 percent!” The new Swedish finance minister, Elizabeth Svantesson, wants to dictate that the three largest Swedish food chains can no longer raise prices “unnecessarily”.

SMEs are particularly affected
Small and medium-sized companies in Sweden have been particularly hard hit by the crisis. In the land of homeowners, many are barely able to pay their mortgage. According to the latest forecasts from the European Commission, Sweden will be the only EU country to enter a recession by 2023. Annika Alexius, financial expert: “At the moment it is said that Sweden is doing the worst in Europe. But I don’t think that is the case. We are in recession earlier than other European countries. We are comparable to the US. Inflation came before and then the downturn.”

Source: Krone


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