Up to 21 degrees – Spring is here! The weather will be mild, little rain


Spring officially begins on Monday. However, cloudless sunshine is still a long way off. The best day of the week will probably be Wednesday. Otherwise, a disturbance will bring a mix of clouds and at least some sunshine. But it is getting soft across the country: temperatures of up to 21 degrees lure us outside. The thick winter coat can stay in the closet!

For the next few days, Geosphere Austria expects mild and mostly fair weather with a slight tendency to inconsistency.

Ben Assembly a disturbance brings a mix of dense clouds and some sunshine. With the clouds, short rain showers will pass until well into the afternoon. The snow line is usually between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level. As a result, the tendency for showers decreases towards the evening and the clouds also become less. The wind is blowing moderate to strong from the west, especially in the east, otherwise quite weak. The daily maximum temperatures are eleven to 18 degrees.

Ben Tuesday calmer weather is expected again. The sun shines regularly, but especially in the north and east, some dense cloud fields can temporarily pass. However, rain or showers are not expected. In addition, there is generally only a weak wind. Temperatures rise to 13 to 19 degrees.

Ben Wednesday The sun will predominate with a weak westerly current at the upper level and a high pressure influence. Only innocent, high clouds sometimes move across the sky. Only in the far west will the clouds increase in the evening. The wind is blowing weak to moderate from the southeast to the west. Early temperatures range from one to seven degrees, with daily highs reaching 16 to 21 degrees.

Ben Thursday above Austria is a fracture zone with westerly currents at high altitude. Dense cloud fields are spreading quickly and some rain is expected, especially on the north side of the Alps and in the north. A strong westerly wind will pick up in the north, otherwise the wind will usually blow weakly from the southeast to the west. It is three to nine degrees in the morning and a maximum of 15 to 20 degrees in the afternoon.

Ben Freitag it remains unstable with the high altitude westerly flow. In general, sun and clouds alternate and there are also some showers, with a focus on the north side of the Alps and in the north. The south has the best weather, it usually stays dry here. Moderate to fairly strong southwest to westerly winds. We can expect high daytime temperatures of up to 21 degrees.

Source: Krone


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