“Krone” on site – high-risk nuclear power plant Krsko: that’s why nuclear opponents do not give up


Slovenia’s decision to leave the old Krško nuclear power plant on the grid caused consternation, especially in Styria and Carinthia. With a team from Global 2000, the “Krone” gained insight into the necessary safety upgrades for the first time and took a look behind the scenes of the reactor.

It is a “clear” March day in the Slovenian town of Krško, with a population of 7,200. Fresh grass grows in the apple orchard that reaches up to the barbed wire fence around the nuclear power plant. Visitors are rare and hand-picked and must overcome many obstacles. After long pre-registration formalities and a careful personal check in the porter’s lodge, a strict security check follows before entering the heart of the nuclear reactor.

Source: Krone


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