Unusual view – why the Packer reservoir is currently almost empty


Unusual view – why the Packer reservoir is currently almost empty

Major renovation works are required every ten years: the water in the Packer reservoir is currently being drained and the road over the sheet pile is closed.

The drought in parts of Europe – including Austria – is a concern for many. Are the current photos of the West Styrian pack also a result of a lack of precipitation? There is currently very little water in the reservoir there.

No, the background is completely different, explains Verbund as operator of the power plant: every ten years the power plant has to be checked routinely – that is the case again this year.

The lake remains empty throughout April
“The so-called accumulation takes place very slowly for environmental reasons,” explains company spokesman Robert Zechner. In a few days the entire reservoir – it has a capacity of 5.4 million cubic meters of water – has been emptied.

This will continue throughout April. During this time, all technical system components are checked. The power station itself is located directly at the foot of the 33-meter-high sheet pile wall, which has dammed the Packer and the Modriacher Bach for more than 90 years.

Fish retreat to streams
And according to Zechner, these two streams will continue to flow into the lowered reservoir. The fish can also retreat here in the coming weeks. The road that runs directly over the sheet pile wall will also remain closed during the work. How long it takes for the water to return to normal depends on the inflow of the two streams.

Source: Krone


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