Basque pensioners see the increase in minimum pensions as “rickety” because it does not reach 1080 euros


At their weekly meetings in towns and cities, they have said that the Pension Reform Decree Act “has too much title for so little substance”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Gutxieneko pension igoera “eskasa” of the salatu dute pentsiodunek, “ez baita 1080ra iristen”

Euskal Herria (MPEH) pensioners’ movement has been described as “rickety” the increase in minimum pensions approved because “not even” reaches 1080 eurosone of their main requirements.

The group appreciated this Monday, in these terms, and during the concentrations carried out in the capitals of the CAV and in other municipalities, Royal Decree-Law 2/2023 approved by the Spanish government, to reform the public pension system.

Several representatives of the movement have communicated to those present that, in their opinion, this has been decreed by law “too much title for so little content”they prosecuted.

Although this Royal Decree “contains certain improvements, it is part of it,” he said a reform process that lowers pensions and entitlements of pensioners”. Some reforms have continued, which, like the one of 2011, “should have been withdrawn”, but are perpetuated in this decree”.

For the platform of Basque pensioners, although the increase in minimum pensions is “positive”, the increase is “meager” and It does not even reach 1080 euros.

For all these reasons, they have announced that they are not giving “the battle to lose” and are urging the Spanish government and political parties to “taking advantage” of the parliamentary procedure to set “immediately” during 2023, and with retroactive effect to January, the pensioner’s minimum pension at 1080 euros per month and in fourteen payments.

The MPEH is calling for a “substantial improvement in the minimum individual non-contributory pension, which will multiply the poverty line of a single household by 0.75 each year until 2027, so it would go from being 484 euros in 2023 to 510 euros in 2024.

This is what the pensioners conclude in their statement “This is not the reform we have been demanding on the streets for more than five years”for which they have confirmed that they will continue in their fight and in defense of their table with basic demands so that they are 1080 euros minimum pension, an annual compensation for the loss of purchasing power, the 100% widow’s pension and the repeal of the cuts of the 2011 reform included in the parliamentary process.

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Source: EITB


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