Callgirl murder trial – ‘He believed during sex that the victim was alive’


Callgirl murder trial – ‘He believed during sex that the victim was alive’

Day 1 in the trial of the brutal death of Anamaria D. (23), which took place exactly seven months ago in Ternberg (Upper Austria). Prosecutor Wilfried Kondert describes the act of the suspect as “hardly unsurpassed cruelty” and also the desecration of the corpse. Attorney Andreas Mauhart defended his client: The suspect believed the victim was still alive during the desecration.

The suspect (35) listened with his head bowed to the speech of the public prosecutor, who explained how Alexander M. was looking for a prostitute on the day of the crime, and then booked the victim Anamaria D. for 400 euros. When she came to him and he told her he had no money, she took out her cell phone and yelled at him.

“Then he started beating her,” the prosecutor reports, describing that traces of strangulation with a rope were also found on the victim’s neck. The prosecutor speaks of “excessive force” and then describes how the dead victim was stripped naked, tied up and desecrated – “a nipple was almost bitten off” -.

Conviction for murder was sought
The Public Prosecution Service also speaks of “misogyny”, the massive alcohol consumption is not an issue and drugs could not be found either. “The chats were spell-free,” said the prosecutor, who is seeking a murder conviction. Defense attorney Andreas Mauhart, on the other hand, argues that there was no intent to kill and delved deep into the client’s past, who became a father at age 17. The relationship broke up, the bond with the daughter is very strong, but hatred has arisen towards the ex-partner. “My customer eats insults and then explodes like a broken Kelomat,” he describes the logistics employee.

Accidentally became an innocent victim
The prostitute had accidentally become an innocent victim because his client was there at the time, she added the last bit and “turned it up” when she insulted him. It became too much for him and he panicked. “He beat her like crazy, strangled her – and at one point she was silent.”

“He didn’t believe she was dead,” Mauhart said – his client still tied up and gagging the victim, “so she can’t scream when she wakes up”. And when he had intercourse with her, he also believed she was “just unconscious.”

Only been sober in contact with daughter
During his interrogation by Judge Dagmar Geroldinger, the suspect said that for years he had been drinking “almost everything”. He was only sober at work and in contact with his daughter. Four to six beers a day if there was no work, more.

Tattag is “difficult to assign” to the suspect
The day of the crime was “difficult to pinpoint” for the suspect, especially when exactly he got up, whether he only drank beer or also took psycho mushrooms. When the prostitute came, he had knocked back about 20 beers, but “that was nothing special”. In this state, he was also able to care for his eight tarantulas and two cats. And that he could chat with the prostitutes in English and negotiate about his gender preferences was also possible, “it just took a little longer”. He wasn’t supposed to send Anamaria the wrong address.

“I have a picture in front of me of how I was chased into her”
During the interrogation, the suspect reported that he had beaten and strangled her during the argument that broke out over a lack of money. Why: He would have been afraid of the pimp. He feared he was a “giant beast that would finish him off”. She hit back and it “completely escalated”. “I didn’t see her dead,” he cried. After hitting and choking, the memory is only partially available. “She lay naked on the bed with her hands tied behind her back. I was above her,” he says of a memory. The rope used, by the way, was from the cats’ scratching post. Also a memento is that he was “chased” with her “, but he only has her skin in mind. “Why these bites?” asked the judge. “I can’t explain,” says the suspect.

Application for admission is not in the room
The trial is now about whether the act was murder or manslaughter. Because in murder, the penalty is ten to twenty years in prison or “life imprisonment”. If convicted of manslaughter, the sentence drops to five to 10 years in prison. “A briefing request is not in the room,” says court spokeswoman Christina Forstner, because the suspect was attested by psychiatrist Adelheid Kastner at the time of the crime. However, she will not discuss her report until Wednesday, the second day of the hearing.

It remains to be seen whether the alleged 26 pints of beer that Alexander M. (35) says he drank at the time of the crime are relevant. Toxicologist Thomas Keller will also speak on the second day of the hearing. On the first day of the hearing, in addition to the suspect and a witness, there were also the dentist Peter Schuller-Götzburg – he analyzed the bites on the corpse of the illegal prostitutes that the suspect had ordered from Linz to Ternberg – and the head of forensic medicine , Fabio Monticelli and the molecular biologist Franz Neuhuber speak.

Also accused of disturbing the peace of the dead
“It was classic bodily harm resulting in death or even a self-defense situation because he was afraid of the pimp, or manslaughter because it happened in an emotional state,” says Andreas Mauhart. In addition to the charge of murder, the accused is also charged with disturbing the peace of the dead – a legal side issue as the maximum penalty is three months in prison or a fine of 180 daily rates. But the crime will still play an important role, because the attacks on the corpse of the prostitute who choked on her own vomit cast a moral image on the suspect. The presumption of innocence applies to him until the final verdict.

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