Punched in the face – a naked man attacked a Viennese police officer


On Monday afternoon, there was an unusual police operation in Vienna-Floridsdorf, in which a 21-year-old, completely naked, attacked the officers and punched one of them in the face. He also scratched the face of a policewoman several times.

The officials were alerted around 6 p.m. because of an aggressive person in an apartment on Leopoldauer Strasse. When they tried to calm down the 21-year-old, he suddenly undressed and hit a police officer in the face with the flat of his hand.

Policewoman scratched her face
As if that wasn’t enough, he attacked another officer, pushing her against the furniture and scratching her face several times. The 21-year-old was detained for the time being.

The two police officers were able to continue the service with minor injuries.

Source: Krone


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