Taxis in the river – Russians haven’t had a GPS since the attack on the Kremlin


More than a year ago, Russia wanted to take Ukraine in “three days”, now it is difficult to get a taxi in Moscow. Since the drone attack on the Kremlin, the GPS signal has been disrupted – and nervousness is mounting in Russia.

For the past few days, Russian citizens have been reporting serious GPS problems in large parts of the country. In addition to smart gadgets such as mobile phones or watches, motorists are also affected. The Telegram channel “Official_Moscow” writes: “It is difficult to call a taxi and make a route correctly.”

Photos are also being shared on social media showing how cars and e-scooters of driving services are driving in rivers – at least digitally. The Russian opposition medium “Meduza” suggests that this could be a deliberate intervention by Russia to prevent further drone strikes.

Website shows widespread outage
The website “GPSJam” shows that the disturbances are still going on. Large-scale failures seem to be taking place, especially around Moscow and other urban regions. Russian internet giant Yandex has now confirmed the restrictions.

In its most recent security briefing, British military intelligence noted heightened nervousness in the Kremlin. Six Russian regions, occupied Crimea and 21 cities have already canceled their May 9 parades for security reasons. The Russian holiday commemorates the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany.

The traditional March of the Immortal Regiment, in which family members exhibit photos of deceased WWII veterans, is also cancelled.

Source: Krone


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