This popular dog breed has aggression issues


When you think of aggressive dogs, you usually think of list dogs like pit bulls. But British vets are now sounding the alarm because one particularly popular breed of dog has the most aggression problems, according to a new study – which you wouldn’t assume given their cute looks…

Behavioral problems can occur in any breed of dog, but a new study from the Royal Veterinary College in London now shows that only one popular dog breed really stands out. The Cocker Spaniel is especially popular with the British, and Prince William and Princess Kate also keep a specimen named “Orla”.

Tendency to aggression twice as high
But especially the cute animals with the long ears showed a tendency to aggressive behavior twice as much compared to other breeds. The researchers from London write that four percent of the more than 10,000 animals examined turned out to be of this type. Males are generally more aggressive than females, and cocker spaniels with golden coats more so than those with other coat colors. The average for other breeds, including those that would actually be considered “aggressive,” is two percent.

“English Cocker Spaniels are popular family dogs and can make wonderful family pets. However, we found that aggression was relatively common in the breed, especially in golden dogs. This underlines the importance of taking into account both behavioral problems and the physical health of the animals when breeding. We also need to take behavioral problems more into account from a veterinary point of view.”

Health issues
Because of their popularity, a large number of Cocker Spaniel puppies are born each year, but the large numbers often come with health problems. More than 20 percent of the dogs participating in the British study had dental problems and 10 percent had ear infections. And when it comes to feeding, many owners mean too well with their dogs, as eight percent of Cocker Spaniels are overweight.

The Cocker Spaniel was originally bred as a hunting dog for scavenging woodcock, hence the name of the breed. The dogs also became popular because of the Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp”, because the main character “Susi” also belongs to this breed. Nowadays he is not only a popular family dog, the dogs are also used as a sniffer dog for customs and the police.

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