Target Tiger Mosquito – Bloodsucking invaders should not sting


They are also active during the day and are considered stubborn and stinging. And that in humans and animals – which makes the Asian tiger mosquito a dangerous disease spreader. First discovered in Austria eleven years ago – its distribution in all federal states has now been confirmed. With the mosquito plague, people fear an even faster spread.

Only about 20 tiny larvae per liter of water are enough to make it worth turning on the rotors of the anti-mosquito helicopters – reported the “Krone”. “The number was often four digits, but in 2022 the limit in the March region was not exceeded once. It was an unforgettably beautiful year,” said Wolfgang Gaida, mayor of the “Gelsen hotspot” Hohenau at the confluence of the Thaya and Mars, enthusiastically. However, the second-warmest year in recorded history also brought buzzing “hitchhikers” from the Far East to swarm — especially from highway rest areas with heavy long-haul traffic.

Source: Krone


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