Couple accused – Serb forced into prostitution in Graz


A penniless Serb (37) was kidnapped, threatened and imprisoned by a couple in Graz. But the mother of two managed to escape to a supermarket and employees alerted the police.

“I’ll chop you into little pieces and send people to Serbia to kidnap your children!” – For example, a Slovenian, together with his partner, is said to have forced a 37-year-old, poor Serbian woman into prostitution in Graz. (47), with whom the later victim knew, the 38-year-old lured the mother of two children away from her hometown.

Promised job in Vienna
The couple promised the casual maid, who lives in appalling conditions with her sons and mother in a small Serbian village, a nice job as a janitor in Vienna. Hoping for a better life for her family, the 37-year-old agreed. The start of a real horror trip.

Because instead of in the federal capital, the Serb ended up in cheap accommodation on the outskirts of Graz. The mother of two was forced to pose in her underwear for a relevant platform. And soon the first customers signed up for a meeting.

Threatened and intimidated
Every time the woman said she no longer wanted to work in prostitution, she was seriously threatened and intimidated. Her passport was taken from her and a loaded gun was allegedly involved. After an almost infinitely long time, she managed to escape to a nearby supermarket. She frantically asked for help.

The couple has not confessed to having engaged in prostitution. The Slovenian and his girlfriend only supported the 37-year-old. They will face court on Friday.

Source: Krone


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