Camp IV on Mount Everest is like a garbage dump


Camp IV at an altitude of about 8,000 meters on Mount Everest is currently a kind of rubbish dump. Sherpas recently captured these photos (see video above) on the highest mountain in the world. Despite fines, climbers simply leave tents, equipment and rubbish here.

With the commercialization of extreme sports, climbing Mount Everest has become easier, but also more expensive. Especially for wealthy people who can afford to pay thousands of euros for this dream, the 8848 meter high mountain has become more accessible. They simply leave the stuff they no longer need for the descent from the so-called death zone (at over 8,000 meters above sea level) behind in the camps.

In 2018, it was reported that China had already collected more than eight tons of debris from Mount Everest, including more than two tons of human feces. 30 mountaineers had previously picked up the dirt by hand, so to speak. A clean-up campaign was also planned for 2020, but the corona pandemic thwarted that plan.

Deposit if you do not bring any rubbish
Nepal has been collecting bail from every Mount Everest aspirant for years, which you only get back if you take your rubbish with you. Given the enormous cost of a climb, the 370 euros does not seem worth it to many. And so it is that the path to the 8,848-meter summit is paved with garbage.

The spring season starts in April and ends in June, when there are the best annual “weather windows” for climbing Mount Everest. A total of 466 mountaineers have received an $11,000 (approximately €10,000) permit for the climb this year, according to the Nepalese Ministry of Tourism.

Source: Krone


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