Abuse of office, drugs – blue light thriller about top athletes in the police force


Abuse of office, drugs – blue light thriller about top athletes in the police force

He is world champion, Austrian of the year and stands for integration in uniform – now it is about abuse of office and drugs. . .What started as a routine official act by the Viennese police could very quickly end the career of a top athlete in uniform…

The “Krone” knows the sensitive details of the chronology of an alleged police scandal: Wednesday at 3 p.m., agents of the Brigittenau city police command were alerted because a 30-year-old Austrian and his passenger (43) with a couple due to a parking lot not far from the Talkers would have gotten them into a fight.

It’s a dangerous threat. The two men are stopped and checked near the crime scene. During a house search, some cocaine was found on the older man.

So far, so good – but now it gets explosive: when the inspectors check the identity cards, they notice that the young driver is an off-duty colleague.

Certainly not an “ordinary” inspector, but among other things a celebrated advertising image on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Because the 30-year-old Viennese with migrant roots is a top athlete in the police force, was Austrian of the Year and – also when working with young people – was an excellent example for integration into law enforcement. But now the young police officer (the presumption of innocence applies) may be facing the shambles of his previously wholly dishonest flagship career.

“Can’t we turn a blind eye…?”
Because when, according to the report, a manslaughter, i.e. a prohibited weapon, was found in the top athlete’s car and after passing the weapon through a doctor’s examination, the driver’s license had also disappeared “due to fatigue due to debilitation”, the following words from the suspect to the intervening colleagues are: “It’s not too bad. Can’t we turn a blind eye?”

As a result, there is now also a suspicion of abuse of official authority. Up to five years in prison. Now it is the turn of the judiciary and the disciplinary committee.

Source: Krone


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