Hitting the right path: an integration workshop led by Samuel Carmona


The Juvenile Judge of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and founder of the Up2U project, Reyes Martelpresented this Thursday a boxing workshop with the Olympic boxer Samuel Carmona to promote integration among young people at risk of social exclusion.

He ‘BOX Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’ will take place at the sports center facilities in the neighborhood of Las Rehoyas, in collaboration with Solventia Groupwhich gives that space, of Municipal Sports Institute of the city and under the coordination of Samuel Carmona, Olympian in Rio 2016 Games and, currently, a professional chasing the world flyweight title.

The Juvenile judge indicated that contact sports, such as boxing, “boys and girls love it and, in addition, they require a lot of discipline, following certain rules, but it also helps them to release of negative energy, convey anger or frustration and control impulses.

Reyes Martel He added that the workshop has young people “who have experienced very complex situations, such as foreign minors who arrived by boat and alone”, but the sport tool for integration is “a magic formula”, and more if they have. the participation “of a reference like Samuel Carmona, who knows what it’s like to have a bad time, to be in a combat situation and go to court as a minor, but has overcome all that, so he can explain all the struggle with his language” .

The boxer from Gran Canaria is “totally involved” in this workshop and makes a “tremendous effort”, insists Reyes Martel, as he travels every week to Gran Canaria from Madrid High Performance Center.

For his part, Samuel Carmona emphasized at the launch of the workshop that he is “delighted” to convey all his “knowledge” to the young people during the classes, where, in addition to learning, they enjoying the moment.

“Boxing changed everything, because besides being an athlete you have to be a good person and, if I come, they can do it too. I am very grateful and happy to help them”, added the boxer from the island.

The Up2U-Depends on You project carries out sports activities throughout the year as presented this Thursday, to promote the integration and personal development of young people in a situation of social vulnerability, or subject to judicial action.

Source: La Verdad


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