Rain and clouds – It remains spring-like with temperatures up to 15 degrees


Rain and clouds – It remains spring-like with temperatures up to 15 degrees

The coming week will largely remain spring-like with temperatures up to 15 degrees Celsius throughout Austria. However, rain showers and dense cloud fields are becoming more common. Longer sunny periods are expected, especially in the east.

The Assembly Initially it seems very cloudy and rainy. However, towards the afternoon the clouds loosen a bit and the sun comes out more. Only on the north side of the Alps it remains cloudy all the time. Heavy rain showers are expected in Vorarlberg in the evening. The maximum daytime temperatures are between seven and 14 degrees.

Precipitation predominates in the north and east Tuesday all day. Rain and snow are most abundant in the north. The south remains largely dry and the sun ensures spring-like temperatures of up to 13 degrees. Depending on the state, early temperatures are between minus three and plus six degrees.

A new wave of disruption is underway Wednesday dense cloud fields. Yet it remains dry and mild. The sun also occasionally shines through until the afternoon. The wind will be light to moderate. By the afternoon temperatures are between nine and 13 degrees. It remains mildest in the east.

There may be some heavy rain showers Thursday occur in the far west as well as in the Innviertel and Waldviertel. A few rays of sunshine ensure largely changeable weather throughout Austria. The snowfall limit is 1900 meters above sea level. In the afternoon temperatures rise up to 15 degrees.

It looks like it has been raining heavily Freitag through the land. The snowfall line temporarily drops to about 700 meters above sea level and the wind generally blows moderately from the south to west. Temperatures between three and ten degrees are expected in the morning. Once again, maximum daytime temperatures are in the double digits, up to 13 degrees.

Source: Krone


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