Koperspoed – funeral candle and camper at furniture store Leiner


On Saturday, too, the crowd to the traditional furniture store on Grillparzerstraße in Linz, which was about to close, was again huge. Even before the store opened, bargain hunters secured the best starting positions so they could storm into the store first.

“It’s amazing what people get out of there just because it’s a lot cheaper than usual. No one can convince me that everyone needs so many bells and whistles,” said a “guest on the fence” visibly stunned when he arrived at 7:30 a.m. visited the Leiner. on Saturday -Sale at Grillparzerstraße 25 in Linz. Because the line in front of the furniture store was extremely long and some die-hard bargain hunters had already secured the best seats before the storm to the supposed price paradise on camping chairs.

Only a lonely mourning candle at the entrance reminded that the sale is not actually a reason for smiling faces and shopping pleasure, but rather a reason to mourn another piece of Austrian tradition.

Bankruptcy scheduled for next week
According to media reports, the furniture chain wants to file for bankruptcy in the coming week. The new owner should strive for a restructuring process without self-government. A curator would pull the strings.

The Linz lawyer Rudolf Mittlerlehner has handled major bankruptcies, such as that of the daily drugstore chain. He said in the ORF interview: “At least you need to have a follow-up draft and I assume that is currently being prepared. In other words a profit and loss statement that does not incur further losses in the process and can also be financed afterwards It is important to have a financial plan, a liquidity calculation, to prove that I can pay the debts that arise.”

“Krone” comment: The liner is mine
Yes, uh, inflation and in general, everyone likes to get a bargain. But it still has an aftertaste of detective work as the mob storms the dilapidated furniture store.
I don’t want to play the Pharisee at all – if I had the time, I probably would have gone on a bargain hunt too. But luckily it didn’t work out.

When the consumer frenzy is over and you’re sitting at home with a few superfluous things, you usually have a bad conscience about the senseless gluttony – like after so many sins.
Only the top lacks such emotions. The calculations are cold, silver-plated and unabashedly pursued.

Source: Krone


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