Serious injuries – After an argument: a man hit a bench in a park in Vienna


An argument between two drunken men in a park in Vienna-Floridsdorf had serious consequences on Wednesday evening. A 28-year-old hit his opponent against a park bench so hard that his life is now in danger.

How the dispute could escalate and what the men argued about beforehand is not clear at this time. However, the fact that the two men were heavily intoxicated may have played a role. The 28-year-old perpetrator had 2.3 promille in the blood. The two knew each other and had often met in Paul Hock Park.

Serious upper body injuries
The 49-year-old victim suffered serious injuries to his upper body when he crashed into a park bench. The injuries are in detail a Chest trauma with a lung perforation.

risk of death
The 49-year-old received emergency medical attention from the Vienna Professional Rescue Service and was taken to a hospital emergency room. According to the police, it was life-threatening. The youngest was arrested.

Source: Krone


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