Heavy storms – Braunschweig: man swam on flooded street


Parts of Germany were hit by heavy storms on Friday night. Videos show streets flooding and shops overflowing. In Braunschweig, a young man was swimming in the street without further ado.

“I’ll swim a lap for you,” he said. A police spokesperson confirmed that a video was made by the swimmer in Braunschweig (Lower Saxony). “What a crazy scene,” said someone. It also shows cars parked in the flooded street. The fire brigade had to turn out hundreds of times in Braunschweig on Friday night. The firefighters pumped out flooded basements, rescued people from water in underpasses or from vehicles stuck in flooded streets.

The operations not only affected Braunschweig, but also, for example, Duisburg, the Rhineland-Palatinate district, the Frankfurt am Main area and Upper Bavaria. Hailstones the size of a golf ball fell from the sky in the Upper Bavarian valley. Some thunderstorms also spread to Salzburg. Videos and photos of clouds with lightning were massively shared on social media. Major damage was unknown. Most regions came off lightly, with the exception of damaged vehicles and stranded public transport travelers.

Delays and train cancellations
The storms had consequences for stalled trams and rail traffic. For example, the route between Berlin and Hamburg was closed. During the night there were many delays and cancellations. Deutsche Bahn provided overnight accommodations for stranded trains.

The German weather service warned on Friday of “partly heavy rain lasting several hours” in northwestern Germany and in Mecklenburg. It can rain between 30 and 90 liters per square meter. Isolated thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and gale-force winds are expected in the east and southeast. During the day, however, the weather situation calmed down again.

Source: Krone


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