Pay on Landing – This is a new tourist tax that Bali will charge from 2024


Tourists landing on the popular holiday island of Bali will have to pay an entrance fee of around nine euros from January 1, 2024. The Indonesian government wants to use the money mainly to support programs that protect the environment and culture on the island.

The fee is collected directly at the airport or seaports. Holidaymakers should keep the receipt and relevant sticker until they leave Bali.

“With this policy, we want to raise the awareness and responsibility of foreign tourists to participate in protecting the environment and culture of Bali,” said Putu Astawa, director of the tourism office.

Fight against disrespectful tourists
The dream island had recently made headlines with the misbehavior of uninhibited tourists. Some have even been deported after posing nude at the sacred Agung Volcano and other sacred sites.

Source: Krone


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