The person concerned complains: ‘As a caring daughter you are abandoned’


The shortage of nursing staff in retirement homes is striking. Rita Beer personally experienced the consequences when her demented mother was unable to go home after a fall from the hospital. She almost became desperate.

Rita Beer (name changed by editors) is angry. “As a caring family member in Vorarlberg, you are completely left to your own devices in case of emergency.” For eight years, the 52-year-old and two brothers lovingly cared for their demented mother. With the help of the mobile emergency services (MOHI), the nursing association, the crèche in Lustenau and a lot of effort from the brothers and sisters, things went well for a long time. Until the 88-year-old woman fell in December. “It all started with the rescue. They didn’t want to take my mother to the hospital at all. There’s nothing wrong with her, they said, and the hospital is overcrowded anyway.’ Beer was persuaded to leave the elderly woman at home.

Source: Krone


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