Trial in Sweden – Greta Thunberg convicted of climate protest


Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was sentenced on Monday for disobeying Swedish police. The 20-year-old would not deny in court in the Swedish city of Malmö that she had committed the crime she was accused of. However, their activities and those of climate defenders are “justified” because of the emergency, Thunberg stressed. So she didn’t want to know about a crime.

The judge sentenced the climate activist to a fine of 30 daily exchange rates of 50 Swedish kronor (about 4 euros). In addition, the 20-year-old must pay 1,000 crowns (about 86.50 euros) to a fund to support victims of violence. In total that is just over 200 euros. Incidentally, the maximum sentence for Thunberg’s action would have been six months in prison. However, in the run-up to the trial, prosecutor Charlotte Ottosen said these types of offenses are usually fined.

Thunberg: “We don’t just want to watch”
In June, Thunberg took part in an action organized by the environmental group Ta tillbaka framtiden (Taking back the future), in which activists tried to block the entrances and exits to Malmö harbour. The participants wanted to protest against the use of fossil fuels.

At the time, Thunberg refused to leave the site of the blockade on instructions from the police. “We don’t just want to look, we want to physically stop the fossil fuel infrastructure. We are taking back the future,” Thunberg wrote on Instagram at the time.

Source: Krone


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