Heavy rain – temple collapsed in India: at least nine dead!


The monsoon rains in India this year have been so heavy that even a Hindu temple has collapsed. At least nine people have died.

The rescue work is still going on. The head of government of the stricken state of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, wrote on platform X, formerly called Twitter, on Monday that other people who may be under the rubble are being searched for.

Over the weekend, the prime minister posted images of a flooded street and fallen trees in connection with the heavy rains in parts of his state and called on people to stay away from rivers and other bodies of water.

Often major damage
Heavy rainfall, causing violent flooding and landslides, is common in South Asia’s monsoon season. The monsoon usually lasts from June to September. The damage is often great – houses are washed away, there are always deaths. At the same time, the rain is important for agriculture, on which a large part of the population lives.

Source: Krone


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