What should be censored? – Not just with Otto: Woke’s zeitgeist haunts here


So now Otto too. The WDR repeats the show of the cult comedian from the 1970s, but warns in advance about “discriminatory passages”. Whether right or wrong, it fits into the so-called awake zeitgeist that avidly haunts films, series, Grimm’s fairy tales and other classic children’s books.

We will briefly tell you a story: Once upon a time there were a mother and a daughter. Against the background of her own misery, the mother, a deeply insecure woman, clings to her daughter’s life. The latter, very young and just entering puberty, is overwhelmed by the situation and is blocked in her own development. She flees into a ‘children’s world’ in which she cannot escape the lurking dangers of real (adult) life. Only a good relationship experience will help her leave behind the life that was “poisoned” from childhood and become happy.

Source: Krone


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