Babies among the dead – deadly balance: high death toll in our streets


The series of car accidents does not stop. Another child died on the A5 (Lower Austria) on Sunday. The ninth victim in two weekends.

What a cruel act of fate! Because on the stretch of road on the A5 where a Ukrainian family was torn apart fleeing the war, another tragedy happened! And again it was the microsleep that wiped out a life.

Baby not strapped in
This time, an 11-month-old baby died – according to police, he was not in the child seat and was thrown from the vehicle. Coming from the north, the minibus with a Polish license plate overturned near Kettlasbrunn in the Mistelbach district – despite attempts to resuscitate the boy, there was no rescue.

Flashback: The previous weekend (as reported) the said father had dozed off near Gaweinstal, also on the northern autobahn. Horror record: his two children (7 months and 3 years) and their grandparents were murdered.

Two dead in head-on collision in Burgenland
No less shocking was the serious accident Saturday afternoon on the Mattersburg motorway in Burgenland. There, the identities of the two victims are now clear. It concerns a 54-year-old man from the Eisenstadt district. He died when a young Styrian collided head-on with his car. The 20-year-old’s mother (54) was also killed in the collision.

Heat, fatigue, stress
Despite all the calls to “slow down”, 237 people have been killed in accidents on Austria’s roads since the beginning of the year. Especially now in the summer, the heat, exhaustion and the stress of “being able to see and experience as much as possible on holiday” mean that many road users on the travel routes become fatigued and irritable when the flow of traffic slows down or comes to a standstill. stand still.

Some irritated car or motorcyclists want to make up for lost time by hitting the accelerator when the avalanche of cars rolls in again and even try to reach their holiday destination faster via secret routes on provincial roads. Fatal consequence: twelve people died in the first week of August alone. With a total of 50 fatal accidents this year, Lower Austria, ahead of Upper Austria (43) and Styria (33), leads the sad balance of killed car occupants, but also motorcyclists, etc. …

Source: Krone


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