Seriously injured – workers (57) fell five meters down


A 57-year-old worker was flown with the rescue helicopter to the hospital in Ried (Upper Austria) on Thursday. The man had previously fallen from an attic about five meters to the floor.

A 57-year-old from the Salzburg area was at a company in Lohnsburg taking various materials from the attic to the sales area around 8.45 am on Thursday. In the attic there was only a small floor of wooden planks that could be walked on. At the end of the floor was a makeshift barrier. Suddenly the man fell and, along with the existing barrier, fell some five meters through the suspended ceiling to the ground. Work colleagues observed the incident and immediately alerted rescue services.

The 57-year-old was seriously injured and was flown to Ried hospital with the rescue helicopter “Christophorus Europa 3” after receiving first aid from the emergency doctor.

Source: Krone


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