Specialist says it clearly – air 100er wobbles: how useful is the speed brake?


Climate protectors stick to the street, some politicians urge motorists to do so, but it does not ensure popularity among the population: the so-called Luft-100er on the Autobahn! But how sensible is it for the environment? Or are there more sensible measures to reduce the stress caused by driving?

Between Salzburg and Golling, the IG-L-100 is history again after 18 years, between Linz and Enns there are already heated discussions about lifting the 14 kilometer limit. This is also the case in Styria. It is an issue that mainly leaves political decision-makers between two chairs. Angry motorists on the one hand, environmental activists and climate stickers on the other. But in reality, facts and figures govern the speed limits on Austria’s motorways.

Source: Krone


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