Have you also seen the gang abuse in Sweden?


Football matches such as those of the ÖFB-Kicker in Sweden are ideal platforms for bringing advertising messages to the viewer. Millions of euros flow into perimeter advertising. To make better use of this, the fan is presented in front of the television. He sees something completely different from the spectator in the stadium.

A pleasant football evening with friends on the terrace. In the first half the game flowed along a bit and goals took a long time to arrive. Gradually you start thinking about other things. “Why do they have an advertisement for skysportaustria.at in Sweden?” asks one of the friends. “TRUE! “Uniqa, Flyeralarm, Inku.at and Admiral are also there,” I add to my surprise. If Burgenland also appears on the billboard, the game becomes an afterthought for me. Why are Austrian advertisements shown in Swedish stadiums?

Source: Krone


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