After a rhino attack, Salzburg Zoo tries to return to normality


Salzburg Zoo is now open again after the fatal rhino attack. It is an attempt to return to normality, but unhappiness remains ubiquitous.

“It has to continue at some point and in some way. The worst thing is a zoo without people.” Director Sabine Grebner personally welcomed the first visitors on Friday morning. Even before the start at 9 a.m., dozens of children and adults were waiting in front of the entrance gates of the Salzburg Zoo. The zoo had an appeal ready for them all: “The grief for the deceased friend and colleague overshadows everything. “We therefore ask you to respect the privacy of our employees and not to talk to them about the tragic incident,” reads a sign in front of the cash register.

Deep sadness for employee
For some guests it was not easy to spend a carefree day at the zoo. The shock of this week’s events was still profound. As reported, the rhino “Yeti” killed zookeeper Juliane K. on Tuesday morning. The German-born animal caught the 1.8-ton animal with its enormous horn; all help came too late for her.

Juliane’s husband had to witness the disaster. He is also a zookeeper. The rhino inflicted serious injuries on him. “It’s so tragic,” said zoo visitor Tina Nowak. She came from Munich and actually wanted to be here on Thursday. “The hotel was already booked. But I fully understand that we cannot go back to the animals until today,” she says.

The rhino enclosure is closed until further notice
The zoo has been open again since Friday. However, the rhino house – this is where the fatal attack took place – will remain closed until further notice. Visitors can observe “Yeti” and the other rhinos in their outdoor enclosure. On Friday the pachyderms made their rounds at leisure. On the day of the fatal attack, they were still very irritated and restless. “Rhinos are very sensitive animals,” says zoo boss Grebner. “Yeti” will be able to continue to stay in Hellbrunn.

The zoo has placed a memorial for Juliane K. on the entrance wall. It is open to everyone. In addition to colleagues, some visitors also laid candles and flowers for the deceased.

Source: Krone


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