Test of patience in the hospital – unfortunately we have to wait for sick children


“What is the status of medical care for children in Upper Austria?” NEOS MP Julia Bammer wanted to know from health official Christine Haberlander. The answers of the ÖVP politician show that the consequences of a shortage of doctors everywhere and overload in hospitals also affect the youngest people.

Bammer summarizes the most important findings from her parliamentary investigation as follows: “We now see problems not only in the care of older patients, but also in children and young people. At the Kepler University Hospital KUK in Linz alone, 811 children are currently waiting for a hospital appointment. In particular, allergy clinics, the ENT department and child and adolescent psychiatrists are being transferred.”

LH Vice Haberlander makes a distinction: in acute cases, diagnosis and therapy are carried out without significant waiting times. The tests of patience come in the area of ​​planned interventions. The NEOS politician hates that Haberlander shares the blame for the principle of free choice of doctors by patients and relatives and advises people to look for hospitals with shorter waiting times.

Bammer answers: “The advice of the responsible ÖVP State Councilor that one should transfer to other hospitals in the country ignores the fact that we live in a federal state and that it is often important, especially for young and old people in particular, to be treated close to where they will live. It is extremely important for your recovery that family, grandchildren and friends come to visit you.” Letting people wander through the country is certainly not the solution. Now it’s about getting better at patient management and promoting the practice area.

Source: Krone


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