1 dead, 1 injured – shots in Kosovo: Prime Minister speaks of “terror”


The government in Pristina said a police officer was killed in a gun battle in northern Kosovo on Sunday morning. In addition, another official was injured, Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said. In this context he spoke about terror.

“The attackers are professionals wearing masks and heavily armed,” Kurti wrote on Facebook. “Right now, our police are still being shot at with weapons of different calibers.” Details and background were initially unknown.

The conflict in Kosovo has intensified again this year and has already led to violent riots. Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. This is not recognized by the government in Belgrade, nor by the Serb minority in Kosovo. More than 90 percent of Kosovo’s population consists of Albanians.

4,000 soldiers must guarantee peace
However, in the north of the country, Serbs form the majority. NATO has stationed about 4,000 soldiers in the Balkan country to ensure peace. The EU is trying to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia, both of which are seeking EU accession.

Source: Krone


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