Dog handler denies – “Police dog running around like a trapped bear!”


A Tyrolean woman believes that a police dog handler in her neighborhood in Hall in Tirol is not keeping his assistance dog in a species-appropriate manner. The police officer, of course, strongly contradicts this accusation.

Flashback to 2019: Evelyn Fellier-Posch was bitten and seriously injured by her neighbor’s former police officer dog in an incident in June. According to police, the man let his two dogs out of the kennel that day because he mistakenly thought the front door was closed. One of the four-legged friends, a Belgian shepherd, then ran through the house into the driveway and targeted the then 48-year-old. This led to the bad bite attack.

According to the neighbor, the animal has obsessive-compulsive disorder
The handler now has a new assistance dog. “This animal is not kept in a species-specific manner, the dog has an obsessive-compulsive disorder,” says Fellier-Posch. “I’m afraid that one day he too will leave the kennel and something will happen again.” According to her own statements, she has already informed the official veterinarian that the Belgian Shepherd mainly stays in the kennel – except during working hours – and has an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Behavior of video documents
But since nothing is happening, she has now written not only to the official veterinarian, but also to the Tyrolean police chief Helmut Tomac and even to LH Anton Mattle. “I ask you to finally do something for the welfare of the animal, so that this dog does not have to suffer anymore,” the letter says. The six-year-old Belgian shepherd “runs back and forth in the kennel for hours like a trapped bear.” She has a video documenting this behavior.

“Dog is rarely in the kennel”
The dog handler, who does not want to be named, does not accept all these accusations. “I need to keep my dog ​​safe and have been given safety requirements that I have implemented. The kennel is almost twice as large as necessary,” he emphasizes. The animal is not in the kennel nearly as often as the woman claims.

He only stays at the house in Hall four to five days a month, otherwise he is at work or with his girlfriend. The dog will then always be with him. “I only put him in the kennel if, for example, I have to clean up the house, so that I can work undisturbed,” the police officer emphasizes.

According to the vet, the animal has no problem
“The official veterinarian came by – unannounced – and had nothing to complain about,” he claims. In addition, a veterinarian carefully monitored the dog’s behavior. Conclusion: The animal is a completely normal dog, there can be no question of behavioral or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The dog is also constantly monitored by the employer, the police. Everything was always fine.

Source: Krone


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