Bank details revealed – pensioner lost more than 60,000 euros to fraudsters


A 67-year-old woman from Salzburg fell victim to a fraudster and lost more than 60,000 euros. A previously unknown man contacted the pensioner in early October and posed as a bank employee.

The fraudster told the unsuspecting pensioner that her bank account needed to be cleaned out and her login details were needed. In good faith and without knowing what to expect, the woman revealed her sensitive information.

In the following days, a total of 65 transactions took place in which money was transferred to various accounts at home and abroad. When the woman finally realized the extent of the damage, she frantically contacted local police on October 16 to report the fraud.

Authorities warn against these types of scams and emphasize the importance of never giving out personal or financial information over the phone, especially to unknown callers. Banks and official institutions would never ask for confidential information in this way.

Source: Krone


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