Custody is revoked – journalist Ovsyannikova loses her children


Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova gained worldwide fame in March 2022 with her protest against the war in Ukraine on Russian television. The Kremlin is still taking revenge on her, which her ex-husband is happy to actively support – she has now even been deprived of custody of both children.

The delicate and beautiful blonde 45-year-old could certainly have done better, but it felt wrong for her to simply accept President Vladimir Putin’s policies. The Russian power apparatus now regularly fires back. Just like her ex-husband Igor Ovsyannikov, who works for the infamous Russian propaganda channel ‘Russia Today’.

A Moscow court has now deprived the former editor of the TV station “Perwy kanal” of custody of her two children, reports “SOTAVision”, citing the court’s press department. Ovsyannikova has a 17-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. The daughter now lives in exile with Ovsjannikova in Paris.

Her ex-husband, son and mother do not support her
The stumbling block to the process was probably the journalist’s ex-husband. He had previously demanded in court that Ovshannikova had to pay him alimony for both children. She also criticized Ovshannikova’s son Kirill, who remained in Russia. The journalist interrupted Kirill while he was preparing for exams and pressured him not to enroll in a Russian university. She was also accused of manipulating her daughter. Even Ovsyannikova’s mother stabbed her in the back. “I’m ashamed of my daughter,” she allegedly said.

Beliefs come at a high price
In March 2022, Ovsyannikova interrupted a live TV broadcast with a poster protest. “Stop the War. Don’t believe the propaganda. You are being lied to here,” she said in large letters in front of the camera. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the journalist in August 2022. She was accused of spreading false information about the Russian army. She had held up a poster in the middle of Moscow, within sight of the Kremlin, that read: “Putin is a murderer!”

The piece of paper also stated that 352 children had already died in Ukraine (at the time, note). At the beginning of October this year, Ovsyannikova was sentenced in absentia in Moscow to a long prison term. The justice system “decided to take me down because I’m not afraid and I’ll call it that.” She came to the conclusion that she had made ‘a very difficult but the only right moral decision’ in her life and had already paid a high price for it.

Source: Krone


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