2.2 million oil lamps lit for Diwali festival


On the eve of the Hindu festival of lights Diwali, the Indian city of Ayodhya organized a huge sea of ​​lights and aims to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

More than 2.2 million oil lamps were lit there – a world record, local media reported on Sunday.

Record not yet confirmed
The head of the government of the local state of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, had a corresponding alleged confirmation from the Guinness Book of Records in photos from, among others, the “Times of India”.

However, there was initially no independent, official confirmation from Guinness.

The city has already been honored in recent years for the largest exhibition of Guinness oil lamps to date – almost 1.6 million pieces in 2022.

Victory of good over evil
The festival of lights Diwali, also called Deepavali in some regions, is one of the most important festivals in Hinduism and has the same meaning as Christmas.

During the festival, families come together and decorate their homes with lots of lights. They honor Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

The festival also celebrates the victory of good over evil – or the victory of light over darkness. The city of Ayodhya, where the sea of ​​lights was illuminated, is the birthplace of the god Ram, according to Hindu beliefs.

Source: Krone


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