Temperatures remain mild up to 17 degrees in Austria


Even in mid-November the weather in Austria remains extremely mild. According to Geosphere Austria, daily maximums of up to 17 degrees are possible. However, in the morning temperatures can be in the negative range. Next week will also be changeable, with rain forecasts again and again.

For example, on Monday it rains frequently and extensively north of the main Alpine ridge, but also in the north and east during the day – the snowfall line gradually rises to more than 2000 meters above sea level. There are also many clouds in the south and southeast of the country, but the sun also shines every now and then. It remains largely dry there. During the day, six to fourteen degrees are possible. It will be warmest in the west.

A maximum of 17 degrees possible on Tuesday
On Tuesday, the eastern Alpine region will be under the influence of a westerly flow, which will bring a mix of short sunny periods and numerous dense clouds almost nationwide. Initially it rains mainly above the Alpine peaks, the snow line remains at 2000 meters. By the afternoon the precipitation will also spread to the north and east of Austria and by the evening also to Carinthia and southern Styria. Depending on the wind, the maximum values ​​in the morning are between one to eleven degrees and ten to 17 degrees.

Storm gusts are expected, especially in the north
The eastern Alpine region will still remain in a tight, northwesterly flow on Wednesday. There will be rain showers during the day, initially with heavy cloud cover that will then change. It rains and snows constantly in Nordstau, with snowfall limits generally hovering around 1500 meters. It is sunnier and drier in the south and southeast. Gusty storms are expected from the west in the north and along the main Alpine ridge, especially in the Vienna Forest region. Up to 15 degrees is possible.

A little more sun in the south of the country
The eastern Alpine region will remain in a northwesterly flow on Thursday, initially with medium influence, still free of disturbances with only medium and high cloud fields and some more sun in the southeast and south. During the day, a weak disturbance will reach the far west and north of Austria with a few drops of rain. After early temperatures of minus one to plus nine degrees, maximum daytime temperatures in the southeast rise to 14 degrees.

Also stormy conditions on Friday
Stormy conditions will also occur on the northern side of the Alps on Friday, especially on the eastern edge of the Alps. On the north side of the Alps and in the northeast, rain showers can be expected during the day, and snow and sleet showers above about 1000 meters. After minus one to plus six degrees, the temperature only rises to a maximum of ten degrees.

Source: Krone


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