17-year-old in custody – attempted murder with miniature letter opener in Leoben


A dispute between rival groups in Leoben (Upper Austria) escalated. The victims barely escaped without serious injuries. The 17-year-old main perpetrator slashed a car tire while fleeing from the police. He is now in custody.

The rival groups clashed in Pestalozzistrasse in Leoben. What the dispute was about is still being investigated. What is certain, however, is that a 17-year-old boy is in custody on suspicion of attempted murder, together with a 20-year-old accomplice who was doomed by dangerous threats and a brass knuckle (with integrated knife). An 18-year-old accomplice was reported to be at large.

Police dog found the murder weapon
It is unclear who alerted the police. But when officers arrived, the suspects ran away. During his escape, the 17-year-old Syrian still had time to cut the tire of a parked car. Along the way he threw away an object, but it was recovered by a police dog.

It was apparently a miniature sword letter opener. It is said that he attacked his rivals with this weapon, which is easily concealed. It is said that he stabbed their stomachs several times. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Victims were only left unharmed because they were able to avoid it
But why is the Syrian now in custody for attempted murder when no one was injured? That is what the “Steirekrone” asked the Public Prosecution Service of Leoben. A spokeswoman explained that no one was injured because the victims were able to jump back in time.

If they had not done so, serious injury or – if they had been stabbed in the stomach area – probably even death would have been possible. The suspect apparently accepted this with consent.

Source: Krone


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