The WHO demands Israel in a resolution for unhindered access for health workers to Gaza


34 countries, including the US and China, have passed a motion by consensus calling for relief from the ‘catastrophic’ health situation in Gaza. However, its general manager, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has acknowledged that improving conditions is “practically impossible”.

He Executive Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO), formed by 34 countries, including the US and Chinaadopted a resolution demanding Israel’s “sustainable, orderly, safe and unhindered passage” of health care personnel to Gaza, due to the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

The resolution was adopted unanimously after an extraordinary session devoted to the health situation in the Palestinian territories, in a committee that currently also includes Brazil, Paraguay, Peru, France, Switzerland and Japan.

The document was proposed by Morocco, Afghanistan, Yemen and Qatar, the last country responsible for chairing today’s session, which took place all day with the intervention of the various Member States of the WHO, and which also included the Minister of Foreign Affairs Business participated. Palestinian Health, Mai al Kaila.

We have achieved something that Member States in other fora have not achieved“The first resolution adopted by consensus since the conflict began two months ago,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the end of the extraordinary session.

The agreement also calls for consent the passage of ambulances, medical evacuations of injured and sick patients in critical condition and demands”ensure the respect and protection of all health and humanitarian personnel‘, after more than 500 attacks on the health network in the West Bank and Gaza have been reported since October.

It also emphasizes that Israel, as an occupying power, must “respect the right to health of all people who are in the occupied Palestinian territory,” which means facilitating unrestricted humanitarian assistance and, if necessary, granting exit permits to patients who require treatment outside the home. Gaza.

Instead, the resolution calls on the WHO to urgently hold a donor conference before the next World Health Assembly in 2024 to finance the health needs of the Palestinian territories and rebuild their damaged territory.

Criticism of Israel

As soon as it was approved, the resolution was criticized by Israeli diplomacy, which assured in a statement that it “sends the signal to terrorists that the world will look the other way if they kidnap innocent children and women, use the local population as using human shields and hospitals as headquarters for terrorism.

“A WHO resolution that does not refer to the hostages and their health situation, that does not condemn Hamas for terrorism or the use of human shields, is a complete moral failure of the international community,” Israel’s ambassador to the UN said in the statement . UN in Geneva, Meirav Eilon Shahar, who participated in the session.

Source: EITB


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