Expert from Upper Austria warns: “Climate change fuels increasing hunger and suffering”


More than 333 million people worldwide are at acute risk of famine! It is precisely this drama that Upper Austrian Gernot Laganda, who works for the World Food Program WFP, is trying to convey to the more than 100,000 (!) participants in the World Climate Conference in Dubai.

“The number of people who barely have enough food to survive has doubled in recent years. Our aid deliveries are often the last straw to save women and children, but also men, from death,” says Laganda in an interview with the “Krone”. The 51-year-old top expert from Schörfling am Attersee – he heads the WFP’s ‘Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Taskforce’, based in Rome – tirelessly tries to alleviate disasters with his 20,000 employees, who are even on relief missions in Afghanistan and the Sahel region.

12 million euros from Austria
What is very clear to this idealist: climate change with all its dramatic consequences (devastating floods, droughts, etc.) is causing more and more suffering. Laganda recently received a pledge of twelve million euros from Austria and from Eco Minister Leonore Gewessler, who is negotiating to the point of exhaustion in Dubai, at COP 28! The courageous humanitarian wants to invest this and other international aid obligations primarily in meteorological early warning systems.

Protect before disaster strikes
His approach: “Intervene with evacuations or other preventive measures before the floods hit people.” This aid is more efficient and helps to use financial resources, which are never sufficient, more efficiently and wisely, even before the catastrophe occurs. Motto: Protect in advance, so you don’t have to save afterwards.

Already more than 100,000 participants
The number of delegates is now increasing almost immeasurably. More and more participants are coming. More than 100,000 participants are already walking in and around the area and producing hot air. Striking: the global agricultural and food companies (Bayer, Nestlé, etc.) have sent a record number of hundreds of lobbyists.

Source: Krone


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