Iodine and picric acid – is the fear of “bad” chemistry justified?


Two schools were recently evacuated due to old picric acid. Are we exaggerating our fear of chemistry and everything chemical? Natural scientist and author Christian Mähr approaches the matter fearlessly and explains what the supposedly dangerous picric acid is all about – and why our fear could damage the thyroid gland.

At first I thought the news was a carnival joke. ‘Dried picric acid’ was found in a secondary school in the Waldviertel. A bottle with 100 milliliters of content. The school principal alerted the volunteer fire brigade. As a result, the state warning center, rescue service and police were involved. The school was evacuated and the mine clearance service of the Ministry of the Interior was called in. They considered the bottle to be “conditionally transportable” and took it in a shipping container to a field, where it was inflated in a controlled manner.

Source: Krone


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