Prague shooting – altar boy shot: sadness and fear in Vienna


Altar boy Adam Jurák (34) was murdered in Prague by hitman David K. Parishioners and friends mourn the loss of the “helpful helper” – Czechs in Vienna are now increasing security measures at the beginning of school for fear of copycats. So far there has been no help from the domestic executive.

Deep sadness also accompanied Christmas celebrations this year among the Czech ethnic group in Austria. The devastating shooting in Prague on December 21 that left 14 dead in the area around Charles University spread to Vienna and the surrounding area. Interpreting student Adam Jurák (34), who was killed in the attack, was considered a true supporter of the Unterheilenstadt parish in Vienna-Döbling.

There was not a festive service where the deeply religious Czech did not wave the censer or lead the way with the cross. In addition, the deceased was considered a “helpful helper who liked to create a cheerful atmosphere at parish celebrations with beer or homemade punch,” the church dignitaries emphasized.

Shock among friends: “It is incredibly tragic”
One of the many believers and companions of the popular preacher, 61-year-old Christoph Kacher from Nussdorf, was seriously affected. “We learned together and exchanged ideas very often and very intensively about God, the world and Christian values,” says the parishioner, who mourns the loss of his good friend.

Kacher tried to reach him for days after the shooting. But he stopped answering his cell phone. Kacher about the “Krone”: “My worst fears have now been confirmed by the news of his death from the parish. I miss Adam and his kind nature very much.”

Austrians have close ties with Prague
But many other Austrians with roots in the neighboring country are also affected. Karl Hanzl from the Austrian-Czech School Association Komenský says: “Many of our members have close ties with Prague. For example, my wife studied at the relevant Faculty of Philosophy. It’s sad that something like this happens so close.”

Safety for the ethnic group is now the top priority
The shock of the frenzied crime in Prague also has further consequences for Vienna. Komenský’s educational institutions – kindergarten, primary school and secondary school – need to be increasingly monitored at the beginning of the school term. “We have already equipped the schools with modern locking systems and cameras. From now on, there will also be supervision by a doorman in the reception area,” Hanzl continues.

Unlike other institutions at risk, the Ministry of the Interior does not assign officials to the Czech minority. This is quietly criticized.

Source: Krone


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