Advertisement for men – Tyroleans caught firing banned rockets


Advertisement for men – Tyroleans caught firing banned rockets

From a deafening bang to a glowing rocket: New Year’s Eve once again showed how dangerous fireworks can be. There were numerous accidents throughout Austria. In Bavaria, an 18-year-old even died from serious fireworks. It becomes particularly dangerous when illegal missiles are fired…

And two men in Völs (Innsbruck-Land district) were caught with exactly such prohibited fireworks on New Year’s Eve. “Around 6:20 p.m., an 18-year-old and a 27-year-old Austrian set off prohibited fireworks, probably imported from the East,” police said.

18 year old is a repeat offender
The prohibited fireworks that have not yet been lit have been confiscated. “Appropriate notice will be given to the authority,” the executive said. The 18-year-old was reported to authorities on December 25 for possessing hundreds of prohibited fireworks.

Source: Krone


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