Shopping on the Internet – Curious Goods: The Counterfeit Urine Trade


Shopping on the Internet – Curious Goods: The Counterfeit Urine Trade

In recent weeks, the police have repeatedly caught road users who wanted to prove their ‘sobriety’ with ‘fake urine’. From packs of 25 ml to fully equipped with fake penises: the trade in the yellow liquid is flourishing on the internet.

A quick search on the Internet is sufficient: numerous German-language sites on the publicly accessible Internet talk about a synthetic liquid that, according to the manufacturer, is “chemically indistinguishable from real urine.” The small plastic bags with the yellow liquid can be ordered for approximately 15 euros per pack of 25 milliliters.

Internet retailers are professional
Some stores offer volume discounts, they advertise fast, discreet delivery and various payment systems. From classic cash on delivery to direct transfer to anonymous processing with Bitcoin, everything is included. But a simple sachet of liquid doesn’t stop there: if you want to “protect yourself”, buy “accessories”.

For no less than 160 euros you get a large amount of fake urine, a strap-on bag, heating pads for the correct temperature of the ‘urine’, and to complete the authenticity of the deception, a dummy penis through which it is assumed with one push press the flow button.

Source: Krone


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