Researchers want to cool the Earth with a mega parasol


Researchers want to cool the Earth with a mega parasol

Global warming is increasingly becoming a problem for humanity. Israeli researchers want to combat further warming of the planet with a gigantic ‘parasol’ in space that would be about the size of Argentina.

They believe this could reduce global warming by 2.7 degrees Celsius in two years. The mega-parasol is expected to orbit the Earth at a distance of almost 9 million miles from Earth. They are currently trying to raise 20 million dollars (about 18.6 million euros) for a prototype, which is only ten square meters in size.

However, the final project would create a huge shade structure covering an area the size of Argentina. Critics are critical – the costs for such a ‘mega structure’ are unbelievable – the Israeli design would cost trillions of euros.

Critic: Mega parasol too expensive
“The construction of such a mega-solar umbrella in space would be very expensive and require extensive international cooperation through the reallocation of funds from the military budget to peaceful purposes,” complains Harvard physicist Avi Loeb.

It is also not possible to launch such a huge structure into orbit around the Earth with a rocket. Therefore, according to the Israeli researchers, much smaller umbrellas should be built and launched into space one by one. The idea is that they should work together there.

Unrealistic due to production costs
Other researchers expressed their skepticism to the New York Times. Implementing the idea is unrealistic due to the high production costs, they say, pointing to the extremely high rate of global warming. Moreover, this construction should be able to withstand the conditions in space, which they doubt.

Source: Krone


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