Shock for passengers – German (63) dies during Lufthansa flight


Tragic incident during a Lufthansa flight from Bangkok to Munich: The health of a 63-year-old passenger deteriorated rapidly shortly after the plane took off. He eventually died in the presence of the other passengers.

According to a report from the Swiss media “Blick”, the German was not feeling well before flight LH773 took off on Thursday evening. “He suffered from cold sweats, was breathing much too quickly and was already apathetic,” an eyewitness reported. The man’s companion explained that the two had to run quickly to catch the plane.

This message shows the route of the dramatic flight LH773:

The doctor did a quick check before the start
Finally, a flight attendant and the captain looked at the man, after which the pilot asked over the loudspeaker if there was a doctor on board. A 30-year-old Pole was called in – after a brief conversation and a pulse check, the doctor eventually said the 63-year-old was fit enough for the flight.

The passenger is said to have lost liters of blood
“They then gave him some chamomile tea, but he spat blood into the bag that his wife held out to him,” said the witness, who is a nurse herself. When the plane took off, the man became noticeably worse. Finally, a stream of blood even came out of his mouth and nose. “It was absolute horror, everyone was screaming,” reported the witness who was sitting diagonally behind the victim. The German lost liters of blood, even on the walls.

Despite attempts at resuscitation, the passenger died – he was carried to the galley and the pilot returned to Bangkok. The traumatized passengers who had to witness the man’s pain had to wait several hours at the airport before they could be rebooked.

Source: Krone


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