Safe self-medication through pharmacies


In a world where independence in managing health is becoming increasingly important, Austria’s more than 1,400 community pharmacies are unshakable pillars in the healthcare system. They not only offer an extensive range of medications, but also ensure safe and conscious self-medication through their professional advice. But what makes pharmacy advice so indispensable and how does it contribute to the health of Austrians?

The role of pharmacies goes much further than just selling medicines. Pharmacists use their extensive specialist knowledge not only to provide care to citizens, but also to advise and support them. This expertise is crucial because medicines are not ordinary consumer goods.

Professional and personal advice ensures that medicines are used responsibly and critically. Only in the pharmacy can it be guaranteed that as few medications as necessary and as many as absolutely necessary are taken. This careful consideration protects the health and promotes the well-being of patients.

Professional expertise and personal advice
People seek health advice from pharmacists and value their expertise in all drug-related matters, the friendly service and empathy of the pharmacy teams. These characteristics make the pharmacy one of the first health contact points where people feel cared for, understood, informed and valued. All this shows how important guided self-medication in the pharmacy is.

Patients seeking advice rely on the expert personal advice of the pharmacists, especially if they have to treat minor aches and pains themselves. Whether it concerns choosing the right over-the-counter medications, the correct intake and dosage or possible interactions with other medications or foods. A socio-medical rule of thumb from the MedUni Vienna states that 900 out of 1,000 health problems can be solved by this guided self-help. Greater integration of pharmacists into the healthcare system would benefit all parties.

A reliable partner for health issues
Information about the tolerability of a drug or its effects on driving ability and reaction time is also of utmost importance to patients. People rightly trust the expertise and knowledge of pharmacists. Only in the pharmacy will you receive detailed information about your medicines and other health topics from well-trained pharmacists. The pharmacists bring a lot of specialist knowledge and feeling to this. People value this personal component in their local pharmacy and pharmacies should continue to build on this in the future.

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