Markus Schopp turns 50 – “You are not always understood in Austria”


All the best, Markus Schopp! Football legend SK Sturm and current head coach of Hartberger celebrates his 50th birthday on Thursday. The ‘blonde angel’, as he was once called by fans, talked to the ‘Steirekrone’ about his career, growing older, the problems in Styria as a sporting country and the time after football.

“Kron”:Happy Fifties, Markus Schopp! What do you think about it, could you still work on the right wing like you did as a player?
Markus Schop: (laughs) No, unfortunately that is no longer possible. I’m already done playing with the Sturm Amateurs (from 2012 to 2017, note). But I don’t feel like I’m 50. I work with young people every day. This is the elixir that keeps me young.

Source: Krone


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