Stabbing his wife, father of nine, in court for attempted murder


A father of nine (53) will appear in court on Tuesday for attempted murder. He is said to have stabbed his wife (43) at least thirteen times with a kitchen knife on the street in Salzburg in October. He confessed to the crime. A ruling could come today.

The incident caused a great stir: on October 6 last year, a Somali man stabbed his 43-year-old wife in public on Sterneckstrasse in Salzburg-Schallmoos. Today, Tuesday, the 53-year-old is due to stand trial before a jury for attempted murder. He confessed to the crime and his lawyer argued for attempted manslaughter. The woman suffered stab wounds that were life-threatening. Prosecutor Ricarda Eder spoke of a relationship act and an attempted femicide.

The Somali man, who has no criminal record so far, wanted to persuade his wife to be allowed to return to their shared apartment early in the morning on the way to childcare. Because he physically assaulted his wife in September 2023 and then dangerously threatened and coerced her by telephone, he was not allowed to enter the apartment or approach her at the time.

He stabbed the woman 13 times – she survived
On October 6, there was a fight on the sidewalk on Sterneckstrasse. When the woman did not comply with his request to return to the apartment, the man took a knife with a six-centimeter blade from his trouser pocket in front of the childcare center. He stabbed her in the stomach, chest, face and arms – a total of thirteen times. Prosecutor Eder emphasized that if a brave witness had not intervened and the police had not arrived immediately, the woman would not be alive. According to a psychiatric report, the 53-year-old had only limited mental capacity at the time of the crime.

The suspect has been married to the victim for 19 years. However, during the trial at the regional court he denied any intention to kill. “I admit that I committed the crime. To this day I don’t know exactly where I stabbed her. I cannot explain why I did that,” he told chairman Ilona Schalwich-Mozes. “I only cared about my children. I wanted to go back home.”

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